4 Common Misconceptions about Art

Actually art is not just paintings and statue you observe in museums. Also art includes the music video you may have seen yesterday on television and the earthenware you might have seen at handicrafts fair. Rather they comprise forms of art created for everyday exercises, like a pattern on wallpaper or a study lamp for your writing table. However there are some misconceptions about art.
Followings are the four common misconceptions about art!
Art is costly!
A lot of usually thinks art as a costly big-ticket buy. As because they only see the prominent name such as andy Warhol, Damien Hirst and Yayoi Kusama. Based on the artist’s reputation the price of an artwork can vary. As instance, an art print by a rising artist might be priced at a reasonably priced $150 USD as compared to Jackson Pollock’s works at $140 million USD.
If it’s cheap, it’s less quality art!
A more inexpensive price does not indicate that the work is of inferior quality! May be the fact that it was created using low-priced materials or that the artist is yet in its early phase of search and hasn’t gained much market fame yet. Purchasing an appearing artist’s works can be thought about a depositing. Worth of their works might increase as they gain more acceptances in the art site in the forthcoming.
Though, it is also correct to note that not all depositing pay off. Due to that it’s always desirable to buy an artwork of your liking. So that you’ll still end up with something you wish for! Arts is not like website banner design service.
It’s only for the highly educated or rich people to admire!
Usually art is noticed as reserved only for the upper level of society. However, as time advanced, the definition of art has grown to surround many other forms such as community or public art. One well instance would be the public statues installed along the Central Business areas. Whereas these sculptures are portion of a public art initiative and is without charge for anyone to enjoy. Even by have the benefit of the shade provided by the sculpture can also be considered as a form of prosperity!
This artwork is so simple, I can also do it!
In fact always art isn’t only about the technical skills concerned. When it’s totally skills-based, then it would be a craft, not art actually. In my opinion, an artwork requires thought, a message as well as viewers. Except all three co-existing in a piece of job, can one truly call it art?
While we will be able to eliminate the misconceptions about art then the art will get its modest place. At the same time that will be best for the future of art as well.
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