The Biggest Problem With HTML5 design And How You Can Fix It

HTML5 is a new and useful thing. It is not very hard to run it. But unfortunately some of it users make some mistake with it. It decreases the level of their appreciation level. Here we a going to share some information about the Biggest Problem with HTML5 design, and how you can fix It.

So not be late. Let’s know about some tricks to avoid mistake and how to handle the problem with html5 banner design.

In general, many developers consider performance as HTML5’s main problem, but interviewing number experts in the field, the authors of the report consider it as a false target. Because performance is automatically improving by new generations of hardware, better JavaScript compilers, the option of using as, js, etc. You may know that the main culprit in their opinion has to do with politics, more exactly the fact that the major browser vendors are also mobile OS vendors, interested in channelling applications through their respective app stores. Google encourages native Chrome apps; Apple seems to be implementing the latest HTML5 standards.

Over 20 years since Tim Berners-Lee and Robart Cailliau specified HTML, which became the standard markup language used to build the Internet. Then the HTML development community has begged for improvements to this language, but this cry was mostly heard by web browser developers who tried to ease the HTML issues of their colleagues. Unfortunately, this led to even more problems causing many cross-browser compatibility issues and duplication of development work. Over these 20 years, HTML was upgraded four times, while most of the browsers got double-digit numbers of major updates plus numerous small patches.

Good news is that HTML5 was supposed to finally solve our problems and become one standard to rule them all browsers. Probably this was one of the most anticipated technologies since the creation of the World Wide Web. In September 16th, 2014 we received one more call for review by w3c, so the HTML5 specification is still incomplete. But the web has become one of the popular forms of media to share and communication through the world. The users began to choose it and continued to use it vastly.

Making interest in problem 

As Graphic Artist interested in the web design field of Graphic Communication, the researcher is interested in understanding the different applications that are used in the process of creating a successful website.
Let’s know about some problem and their solution:

To trust in local storage:

It is reasonable that one of the first basic HTML5 features adopted by developers was web storage. You must be alert that Web Storage is not secure. It is better to use cookies. It will not be transmitted over the wire. In this purpose, it is not encrypted. You should not store security tokens there. Your security policy should never rely on data stored in web storage.


The Web has become a very important part of our life. Must remember that to make applications accessible to people who rely on assistive technology is an important topic that is often put in software development. But HTML5 tries to overcome this by implementing some of the advanced accessibility features. Few developers accepted this to be sufficient and haven’t really spent any time implementing additional accessibility options in their applications. You can check this place for more information about accessibility in HTML5.

High performance:

It is a very powerful technology that has many advantages over other platforms used before its existence. But you should know that with great power comes great responsibility, especially for HTML5 beginners. Again HTML5 has been adopted by all major browsers on desktop and mobile platforms. Keep in mind that, many development teams pick HTML5 as their preferred platform. Assuming sensible performance on both desktop and mobile platforms just because HTML5 specification says so, is not reasonable.

To expect compatibility:

Maybe you know that HTML5 interpretation on different browsers is far from identical. It is just like the case was with JavaScript. And all the main players in the browser wars landed a hand in the HTML5 spec. So remember that it is fair to assume that deviations between browsers should reduce over time. But even now some browsers decided to fully ignore certain HTML5 elements making it very difficult to follow a baseline and standard set of features. If you add more internet connected devices and platforms to the equation, the situation gets even more complicated. So try to avoid it.

HTML5 Enhancements: 

Must keep in mind that one of the coolest things in HTML5 is client-side validation. This feature was may be one of the earliest elements of HTML5 that web browsers picked up. Unfortunately, you can find more than a few developers who add no validate attribute to their forms by default. The reasons for doing this are reasonable, and it is sure that you will have a debate about this one. But it is not too difficult to assure because there are two validation methods will not collide, and standardising user validation will ensure common experience while helping to resolve accessibility issues that I mentioned earlier.

That’s all for now. Try to follow the above speeches. Hopefully, it will help you to keep going on in HTML5 field. 

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